Supply Chain Resilience

Bolstering Resilience To Mitigate Delivery Challenges

Pharmaceutical distributors play a critical role in bolstering resilience within the healthcare supply chain to anticipate and mitigate healthcare product delivery challenges. HDA members’ logistics expertise and capabilities play a key role in enhancing supply chain resilience, and HDA encourages greater public-private collaboration in joint decision-making, private-sector resource utilization, healthcare workforce investment and emergency preparedness and response.

Bolstering Operational Resilience

Operational resilience defines an organization’s capacity to endure, adapt to and recover from disruptions to its systems — and swiftly implement preparedness and response strategies.

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Advancing Effective Healthcare Distribution Strategies

Distributors enhance healthcare resilience by adopting drone deliveries to local pharmacies, establishing demand prediction networks and providing financial relief grants, among other examples. The industry’s advancements help strengthen healthcare resilience by streamlining operations and contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness and adaptability of the healthcare system in the face of evolving challenges.

Ensuring Cybersecurity Resilience

Despite being vastly different in their origins and the specific parts of the supply chain that would be impacted, hurricanes and a large-scale cyberattack can result in both the destruction of health infrastructure and the temporary disruption of the production and delivery of medical products.  

Cybersecurity resilience is a crucial pillar of supply chain security and coincides with other advancements in healthcare distribution operations. Detecting and addressing threats promptly is imperative to protect infrastructure, prevent disruptions to facilities, and ensure the seamless distribution of lifesaving medicines across the country.



Our Advocacy Work on Behalf of Members 

HDA reviews key priority issues and advocates on behalf of its pharmaceutical distributor members in areas like standards, public policies and business processes. HDA members have a powerful, unique voice and perspective and an opportunity to help educate lawmakers and inform public policy.

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