Our Industry's Impact: Not Just a Big Number, a Big Difference

  • $63 Billion in Savings

    By streamlining the supply chain, distributors save the healthcare system between $63 billion annually.

  • 1,400 Manufacturers

    Nearly 1,400 pharmaceutical manufacturers use distributor services to connect them with sites of care that depend on their lifesaving therapies.

  • 330,000 Sites of Care

    330,000 healthcare providers, pharmacies and other sites of care use distributor services to help streamline the supply chain and ensure millions receive critical treatments.

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On the Pulse of What's New in Distribution

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    HDA Announces Government Affairs and Policy Staffing Updates

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    HDA and the HDA Research Foundation Name Governance Appointments

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    HDA Research Foundation Announces 2022–2023 Karen J. Ribler Supply Chain Scholars


An Important Mission — In Times of Calm And In Crisis

They may have many roles, but all distributors work toward a common goal - getting lifesaving therapies and medical supplies to the people who need them in times of calm and crises.

  • Constant Innovators

    Advances in medicine lead to increasingly compex data management, safety and transportation requirements — distributors are continuously innovating to help upstream and downstream partners navigate these trends.
  • Information Management Specialists

    As efficiency experts, distributors use advanced tools and technologies to manage their networks to ensure a safe, functioning and reliable supply chain.
  • Logistics Experts

    Millions of phamaceutical, medical and surgical supplies are delivered to sites of care daily — all managed through extensive relationships with global and domestic manufacturers.


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A Singular Voice for Safe and Efficient Distribution

We belong to an extraordinary community of committed professionals. When we use our voices as one, we have the unique opportunity to raise awareness around the vital role healthcare distribution plays in delivering care to millions of patients. Add the strength of your voice to ours. Members have exclusive access to tools and resources to help you advocate for a stronger business environment.

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