832 EDI DSCSA Product Data Catalog

Published 2024

Developed by HDA’s EDI 832 Task Force, this electronic data interchange (EDI) transaction set explains the application of the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 standards as they pertain to the EDI 832 Product catalog transaction set for use in healthcare distribution. The 832 has been revised to provide product attributes needed to meet certain operational requirements related to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) as well as addressing cold chain storage requirements. They include but are not limited to GTIN numbers across all applicable levels of packaging, Waiver-Exception-Exemption status, drug name, dosage form, strength and package size.

This version of the 832 is targeted to pharmacies (referred to as dispensers in the DSCSA) and can be sent by either a wholesale distributor or even a manufacturer that distributes certain products directly to the pharmacy. It can also be sent to the dispenser’s DSCSA Software as a Service(SaaS) provider. Wholesale and/or Contract Pricing are omitted since the focus with this guideline version is intended to address DSCSA requirements. Use caution if electing to combine the new DSCSA attributes to your existing pricing 832 catalog to assure it only goes to the intended pharmacy’s systems and protects confidential business information.

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