Have You Heard? HDA’s Career Center Is Open for Business!

By: Anne Nevel, Vice President, Education, and Michelle Leslie, Associate Director, Membership and Education
July 26, 2023

Pharmaceutical supply chain professionals often speak about the greater purpose they feel knowing their careers make a daily difference in the lives of patients. Through a new Career Center, HDA is seeking to promote the many opportunities within a sector that often operates behind the scenes.

Already home to thousands of job listings, the intuitive, user-friendly platform is a one-stop shop for job seekers and employers, with plentiful resources about the value and purpose of the healthcare distribution industry.

Why a Career Center?

HDA’s pharmaceutical distributor members include Fortune 500 companies and well-established, stable, small-to-mid-sized companies that, by delivering 11 million medicines, vaccines and medical products every day, are integral to the health and vitality of the communities they serve. Despite the industry’s incredible impact, many do not know about the healthcare distribution sector and its wide-ranging career possibilities.

As the reputable association representing the industry, HDA developed the Career Center earlier this year to create awareness among graduates and established professionals — and to connect diverse, top talent with its hiring member companies. Through the partnerships HDA and our members are actively forging with academic faculty and advisors — including those from supply chain degree programs and universities for historically marginalized populations — we are creating a sustainable solution for increasing visibility of the industry as a desirable career path. Further, the resources within the portal include perspectives from employees of our member companies that reinforce this messaging and elaborate on how a career in the healthcare supply chain provides a fulfilling, ever-evolving experience.

Career Center Features

Serving a wide range of stakeholders, the Career Center offers many resources and roles.

  • Find Jobs and Internships: Newly minted college graduates ready to join the workforce can find entry level or internship positions. Seasoned professionals can also find opportunities to progress in their careers. The query function with specific filters presents a list of curated, open healthcare supply chain positions.

  • Advertise Open Positions: Companies looking to fill vital job functions with qualified individuals can choose from a variety of plans, including single and multi-job postings. The platform also enables employers to manage applications within the tool and search resumes of candidates to proactively find a match.

  • Learn From Resources: The job seeker dashboard offers a resource section full of helpful information. Candidates can explore educational offerings from HDA that share information about the healthcare distribution sector, value of the industry and its commitment to DEI and hear directly from individuals working in the supply chain about rewarding experiences.

The healthcare distribution industry, as the vital link between thousands of manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of providers, can offer purpose-driven individuals a stable and long-term career option, and the opportunity to protect patients on a national scale. Learn more by exploring HDA’s Career Center and the possibilities within.

We are looking to connect with human resources and higher education professionals. If your organization may be interested in partnering with the HDA team, please contact Anne Nevel or Michelle Leslie.