HDA Statement on National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan

October 25, 2022 The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) released the following statement in response to the Biden-Harris administration’s National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan.

“HDA applauds the Biden-Harris administration for its development of the National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan to guide the U.S. in assessing, preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from future pandemics and biological threats. As we have learned all too well from COVID-19, infectious diseases not only threaten our health, individually and collectively, but also our national security. As the logistics experts of healthcare, HDA and its distributor members are committed to working with government and private sector partners to ensure a safe and resilient supply chain regardless of the challenges that may emerge.

“HDA supports the administration’s goal of modernizing and transforming the nation’s biodefenses and health security. As an industry, we look forward to continuing our work with the federal government and other supply chain stakeholders to further shape and ultimately implement the strategy.”

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About HDA

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